Thursday, February 17

Become a Superhero!
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Hey all!

My good friend Amy (Bennett) Eck is campaigning for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Woman of the Year. LLS Woman of the Year is a contest that runs from March 8 through May 20. The goal is to raise as much money as possible in 10 weeks. Each dollar raised is a vote, and at the end of the 10 week campaign, the winner is the person who earns the most votes.

But the reality is every competitor is a winner, because every dollar raised is donated directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, to fund research to find a cure for blood cancers. Our plan is to hit as many avenues that we can think of over the course of the 10 week period. My favorite fundraisers so far: A Wedding Dress Auction and a Triathlon and Sports Equipment auction, in addition to more traditional direct donations and local events.

A little bit of background on Amy:
Amy was a marine for several years, before leaving the marine corps to pursue a career as a US Navy Port Engineer (keeps Navy ships afloat and underway). She founded Camp Bennett - a triathlon and athletic training clinic to get people outside and active, to create long, happy, and productive lives.

Amy established a weekend adventure race event (Freedom Fest - you may have read my post about scoping out the course) in 2009. The race is entirely organized and staffed by volunteers, and all proceeds are donated to charities, including Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society. As the race grows, Amy wants to ensure that a minimum amount goes to each charity, so if profits don't meet the mark, she donates out of her own pocket.

When Amy learned of the LLS competition for Man and Woman of the Year, she jumped at the chance to raise money for a great cause.

The point: We are blogging the adventure. Of course, if we can raise even more money through sponsorship of the blog, EVEN BETTER! The fundraising doesn't start until March 8, but in the mean time, we are trying to get the word out and build the blog. So please consider following, subscribing, grabbing a button (included above) to show support, and maybe, oh maybe, reposting on your blog about the competition? Pretty, pretty please?

Thanks so much and if you've got any suggestions, definitely let me (us) know, by posting here, posting at, or emailing!

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
:-) Barbara

PS. In case you miss this, I'll more than likely be emailing all of you individually if you have visible emails :-) I hope all is well, and I have some projects that are done (Yay!) but not posted (boo!) and more projects on the way (Yay!). :-) I'll be back around to check out your projects and send some comment love. It's been a crazy busy month for some reason.

PPS. If you question whether Amy wear's her Wonderwoman costume around town, or if it was rented for this picture: Nope - she wears it regularly. I've seen her teach a triathlon clinic as Wonderwoman, run a half-marathon as an elf, run a full marathon as She-Ra Princess of Power, and come to work in a full blown Turkey suit. She occasionally gets her hubster to dress up as well, which you can see if you hit up the Superhero Home Page. Just make sure you continue on to Amy's Blog afterward!

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