Thursday, January 13

My love, my life, my Hoosier

My Hoosier. What can I say. Of all my inanimate objects, this is my all time favorite. And I am not normally one to play favorites, because I like all of my belongings to feel equally loved. But my Hoosier holds a special place in my heart.

Maybe it's because you're my first antique.
Maybe it's because I spent every spare minute stripping 7 layers of paint and crap off of you because somebody with a black hole for a heart left you out in the garage for years and years.
Maybe it's because those spare minutes we outside of school when I was studying 14 hours a day.

I don't even care. All I know is that you are by far my favorite. When we were moving out to Hawaii my hunky hubster asked me if I would rather lose him or the Hoosier on the move out. I told him not to be silly ~ the Hoosier was on a ship, and I didn't even know which one. We were on a plane. :-)

Here she is. Sorry I don't have any before pictures. I always forget to take before and after pictures, although now I am getting better, since I am blogging.

I found her in an antique barn in Charleston, SC in the back, covered in filth. The owner wanted to shabby chic or "southern comfortable" her. I gasped and took her away. No offense to all you shabby chic-ers. It just didn't seem right. She came with papers. All original hardware, except for the one drawer front and the missing knob. And the people at the Kennedy Hardware store said she was one of the commercial line from about the 1930's. (I couldn't find any like her - significantly taller and wider than most of the other Hoosier I see.

And she is mine :-)

PS. I was done writing, since I have done more blogging this week than I had anticipated. But then Miss Musturd Seed's Furniture Feature Friday popped up on my dashboard and I had to share my Hoosier. So we are headed over to

Furniture Feature Fridays

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  1. She's a beaut! I have one, too, which I have cherished now for about 40 years. It's been moved to I don't know how many houses, and would never consider shabbying-it-up!! You should be commended for saving this great piece of furniture. Sally


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