Wednesday, January 19

Lime, Avocado, Olive Oil, OH MY! (My favorite salad)

I never thought I would say that I like salad. I have never liked salad. But I was wandering around bloglandia, rather than working on my lunch break, and saw notice at All Things Thrifty about her upcoming All Things Delicious Party - Share Your Favorite Salad Recipe. Which got me to thinking. Do I like salad? Not usually. And by not usually, I mean not at all.

But then I remembered two salads that I had recently, that I went back for seconds... and thirds... oh my, they were good.

The first was just a simple, basic salad - romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and chopped carrots.... and avocado!
(I didn't have any pictures for this blog so I borrowed the above from America's Feast Sustainable Food Blog - I stumbled across them by accident, but it looks like a great blog!)
Avocado, fresh, ripe avocado off a friend's tree. So yummy... Dressing made of a little bit of lime or lemon juice (to keep the avocado green). Fresh squeezed or out of the plastic lemon shaped bottle, either works, although fresh squeezed is best. Olive oil, fresh ground pepper and just a touch of salt. Unfortunately, I am a terrible recipe writer, and I basically just kept pulling little pieces of lettuce out until I thought it tasted irresistible. (Update: I remade this salad last night, and if you are going for presentation, toss the salad BEFORE you put the avocado in - especially if your avocado is super ripe. They tend to get a bit smooshed.)
The second was again very simple. Chopped romaine lettuce, sliced apples, chopped walnuts, and dried cranberries. The dressing had olive oil, pepper, ginger for a bit of zing and spice. My friend made this when we went over to help plan the race she hosts in July (Freedom Fest Hawaii), to butter us up :-)
So yummy. Both of them. I wouldn't say that I am a salad lover, but I loved those two salads. Man, I am so hungry.


I know - needs pictures :-( But trust me! Try the salads - they are delicious! And I will come back for pictures. Sorry - I spent the weekend volunteering at the HURT 100 - a 100 mile endurance race here in Hawaii. It was intense and I was only volunteering. If you want to get a taste of what it was like for runners, check out Frayed Laces!


  1. Yum! This makes me actually think about going to eat a salad... instead of, you know, MORE cookies. :)

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the kind words :) I hope everything works out for you too :) Im now following you and YAY for salad! I just had some for dinner tonight and now I wish I had an avocado to add to it LOL! I will for sure try it next time :)

  3. Yum, I love all of these things in a salad, so it sounds delicious!


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