Wednesday, January 12

Let's Get Organized! Organizing with a partner

I love to organize. It's my passion. Even more so than home improvement, home decor, refinishing furniture. So I've decided to start a little series on my blog about Organizing. So every Wednesday will be Let's Get Organized day on Live, Laugh, Love, Recycle.

Organizing. It's my sickness. So imagine my surprise when I fell in love with someone who did not have OCD. My first date with hunky hubster, we stopped by his house to pick some thing up. He left me alone in a room that had no furniture. There were boxes yet to be unpacked (he had lived there almost 3 years) and piles of books. We climbed over other piles on the tour of the house. He showed me drywall that he had tried to "persuade" into place with his foot after he miscalculated a cut.

(right now there is a strangled gasp originating from somewhere in my throat)

There were times before we got married that we would have huge fights, and I would think we can't break up - I'm not done organizing his stuff.

Fortunately, we made it, although we still fight over where things go, because we have different ideas of what "makes sense."

So one of the hardest things for ME to learn is that I now share my system with another human being, who has a totally different idea of how it should be done. When I met my hunky hubster, his ‘filing system’ consisted of a variety of department store plastic bags. Obviously, that wasn’t going to work for me, so I created a filing system similar to mine, and once we married, combined our filing systems. Unfortunately, my hunky hubster claims that he doesn’t file anything because he doesn’t understand the system. As I write, I am mentally giving him the stink eye. But I learned. So when he needed a system to file his school work, I sat with him and helped, but let him map out his own system.

Granted, I think his system is crazy. But then again, I don’t have to use it, he can file (and quickly find) his own paperwork, and ultimately, the end result is the same. Peace, love, and no big piles of paperwork.

The point is, that the most important part of developing your organization system is that it is YOURS. By YOURS, I refer to anyone who is going to be using it. This includes your spouse, your children, your parents. Basically the main players.

Some tips:
1) The less you have the better - declutter - reduce what is coming into the home in the first place (hello! who wants junk mail anyway?) This seems to be a major theme of alot of blogs this time of year.
2) Things you keep have to have a HOME (one that makes sense). This makes it easy for anyone to know where to put it.
3) Label, label, label! I love my label maker. And I am slowly making my way through my home labeling everything's spot. That way hunky hubster knows where it goes also, and can help put it away. AND when we go to look for it later, we can find it. If you have small children, use pictures and cartoons instead of written labels. Make organizing fun from the beginning, and it will be less of a headache as they get older. (In theory - I don't have kids, I am guessing based on my own childhood.)

What about you all? Any stories of trying to combine households or compromise organize? Spill it!
:-) Barbara

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  1. Great tips! I'm an awful organizer. Not really messy, but I put something away in a different place every time. That's one of my goals this year. Find places for things. :)

    Welcome back to Oahu! Thanks so much for the tip about your friend's triathalon program--I will definitely check it out! :) Are you running a triathalon this year?


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