Thursday, January 6

Better on the Hanger (My Sister's T-shirt part 2)

About two weeks ago, I decided to Up-cycle a T-shirt for my sister for Christmas. She is always hard to shop for, since we have totally different tastes in pretty much everything. So last night, I finally finished it. I had come up with a design while I was sitting at work in a 3 hour meeting one day, but of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, right?

Here is what I did:
Step 1: Deconstruct the T-Shirt. I didn't have any idea what I wanted to do ultimately, so I took the sleeves off and the hem out with a stitch ripper. I knew I wanted something sleeveless/halter top, so I went ahead and cut the front and back - front as high as possible to give room for error, back right at the bottom of the arm holes.

Step 2: Plan my attack. I kept picturing some kind of lace up back. Finally, while I sat and "listened" for three hours, I thought - "How cool would it be if the halter went up around the neck and then criss-crossed down the back?!" So this is what I had in mind:
Step 3: Put plan into action. Some things never go as planned. I finished the T-shirt. And I will send it to my big sis, because, hey - it's the thought that counts. And she needs a good laugh also. But here is the finished product:
So... it doesn't look terrible. But remember the title - Better on the Hanger. There is a reason that I burst into a fit of giggles when I put the shirt on. And the same reason why this shirt is not photographed on my body.

I learned a few things while doing this:
1) T-shirt material is hard to sew on the sewing machine. The ribbon part on the bottom went better, because the ribbon helps to support the T-shirt material a bit.
2) If you are going to put something like ribbon around the bottom, make it the stretchy kind.
3) T-shirt material needs some support - next time, I will probably put some kind of elastic or stretchy ribbon band around the top to support the material and the shirt.
4) Some thread does not do well on a sewing machine - I tried using some of my black thread, which I had problems with in the past. I thought it was just me, but the thread kept breaking after just a few needle revolutions. Turns out, it was the thread - I switched back to my pink thread and everything was fine. Not before I threw a hissy fit about the thread, though.
5) The dogs like to help.
OK. So they don't really help. But they are super cute. And they hung around and slept the whole time, except when I threw my hissy fit. At that point, one gave me kisses, and the other went to find hunky hubster.

To wrap it up, here is the Before and After. I am really quite proud of what it looks like on the hanger :-) Reality needs a little work, but I can live with fantasty for now.

Anyone out there? <chirp, chirp> Well, if there is anyone out there, ever have any disaster DIY presents? Or trouble with T-shirts? Any suggestions about how to work with T-shirt material?

I am also posting this on Thrifty Decor Chick's January Before and After Party. My very first one. Exciting! I am planning my Before and After for February :-)

Have a great week!

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