Thursday, January 13

Are you wearing a wire? Wire bracelet tutorial.

So originally, I brought my patio door transformation to the We Did It Wednesday party. But then, I felt a little bit like a sham artist, since my patio door transformation is not a craft, so it isn't really in keeping with the theme of Sew Much Ado's party. :-( So last night, I decided to make this bracelet that I have been meaning to work on. I also found the House of Hepworth's party, so my bracelet and I are hitting the town. Come join us!

I went to the craft store about a week ago, just because I wanted to get out of the house, and Home Depot is all the way on the other side of the island. When I was there, I stumbled across this TOTALLY AWESOME jewelry making book called The Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry compiled by Lesley Weiss. I have been wanting to find a good jewelry book, because I see people make these great pieces, and I wwant to LEARN! So imagine my excitement when I found this book that has all these great projects (25, I think) and they look super reasonable.

But... I have a tendency to buy books and then never look at them again, so I wanted to try out some pieces to make sure that I still wanted to get the book, and boy am I hooked!

So I did a version of their Herringbone pattern. I say a version, because I could only remember parts of what I wanted to do by the time I got home. All in all, I think that this bracelet took me about 2 hours, and I love it!

Here's what I did:
First, I had to make the beads. I used regular glass beads, and ... shoot, I don't remember what the wire gauge was. I will try to remember to look tonight and update. See how there are two twisted loops at either end? I cut about a 12 inch piece of wire, and made a loop about 1 inch from one end. Then I twisted the short end back around the wire. Then I threaded the bead onto the wire, made another loop about the same distance from the bead as the first loop, and then twisted the wire back around itself back to the bead. Then I used the remaining wire to create the herringbone pattern, by wrapping it long ways around the wire, twisting it around the base at each end. I went back and forth until I ran out of wire, and then trimmed the free end and tucked it in. ** To get the pattern to work out, make sure you pick a side that will be the front, and always cross the base on the front.

I didn't have any jump rings to connect the beads, so I made my own little twisty jump rings:

First, I cut about 3 inches of wire. and made a loop about 1/2 inch from the end. Second, I fed the bead onto the loop, and twisted the short end around the wire. Third, I made a loop at the other end and connected the next bead. Don't forget to connect the beads before you twist the wire! (I forgot more than once). Also, dangle the chain to make sure you fed the second bead on. I forgot to do this, and ended up with a couple of my beads facing the opposite direction. Finally, twist the rest of the wire back around the first twists.

Repeat until the bracelet is the correct length (don't forget that the clasp will add almost another inch to the length of the bracelet. To connect the clasp, twist the jump ring open - don't pull it. They are more difficult to close when you pull the end apart, but they twist back together fairly easily. Connect the clasp jump rings to either end of the bracelet and VOILA! New jewelry. Please ignore the fact that the clasp above is silver. In addition to not having any jump rings, I didn't have any gold clasps.

To create the earrings, I made one bead each, and then put them onto an earring hook.


I hope you had fun! I certainly did! No brainer, but the compiler of the Wire Jewelry book did not pay me for my opinions or give me anything. I just stumbled across the book and am in love... :-) Barbara

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PS. I am moving my patio door over to Thursday Transformations at The Shabby Chic Cottage.

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  1. Your projects (to include your blog) are a resemblance of you... they and you are fantastic! I love you.


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