Thursday, December 23

Sidetracked...A.K.A. Thank goodness for friends!

So I got a little bit sidetracked from my sister's Christmas present. Fortunately, I am always terrible about Christmas presents, so we can just chalk this up as normal for me. And I am going to use the excuse of the move to explain away the late present. But fortunately, the sidetracking has given me some time to come up with some other great ideas for how to re-construct the t-shirt.

In the mean time, this is what has me side-tracked:

I think I am fairly organized. But this has been my life for the past 2 years.
2 years ago: Got married to hunky hubster.
18 months ago: Hubster got accepted to a school about three hours away.
18 months to 1 year ago- Barb can't find a job three hours away, but the big boss is willing to let me adjust the schedule for every other Friday off. We sell the house, hubster moves three hours away, Barb rents a room from a friend of a friend and commutes up to visit every weekend. Needless to say, we haven't gotten settled.
1 year ago: Barb finds a job. YAY!
1 year ago - 2 weeks: Barb realizes that she is NOT the right fit for this job, hubster and Barb try to tough it out for a while.
8 months ago: Hubster and Barb give up on toughing it out. Quit jobs/school. Give away most of belongings. Move into car with dogs. Travel all over the country - Boston - Florida - Redwood Forest, CA - Northern Oregon Coast are the farthest reaches of our trip.
2.5 months ago: Hubster and Barb move remaining stuff and dogs to HAWAII! Still no jobs. Fortunately, friend of friend doesn't care that we have no stable income and lets us rent their place for two months.
2 weeks ago: Have jobs. YAY! Moved into new place. YAY! Stuff everywhere. Home a disaster. BOO. Barb totally overestimates her ability to unpack, make tiny 1 bedroom apartment beautiful, train dogs to be good citizens, work full time, and start new blog regaling (is that the right word?) readers (hopefully one day) of her adventures into crafting and DIY.
Today: Barb realizes that to turn house into home, she should focus on organizing the unpacked mess that is laying around the house. Which has been made worse by the huge rainstorm that we had over the weekend which flooded a corner of the bedroom. A corner which was already organized and set up. BOO.
Tomorrow: First day off of 10 (some of which hubster has to work.) YAY! So new plan is to get organized, make side dish for Christmas Eve party tomorrow night, and then start in on growing list of to do items.

:-) Barbara

P.S. Thank goodness for all of the help and support we received from great friends, which enabled us to travel (with visits) and make this move (help finding jobs, homes, moving companies, etc.) Thanks guys!

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