Monday, December 20

My Sister's Christmas Present

My sister does roller derby, wears a helmet that has a number of swear words and inappropriate gestures, and in general has a rock star attitude. I, on the other hand, am a total square. No joke, she has called me "square." Which of course makes it difficult this time of year, when I have to come up with some kind of Christmas Present that she will find totally fabulous.

In years past, I have just broken down and asked her what she wants. NOT THIS YEAR! This year, I got an oil change .. at the mall. While I was there, I stopped into Border's to check out some books that I had been eye-balling. One of which was Generation T: Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-Shirt by Megan Nicolay. Totally a great book, especially if you either a) are a rock star or b) know a rock star. I know a rock star. And I have an excellent Salvation Army just down the street. The best part about the Generation T book is that most of the projects are either no-sew or very little sew, and they totally transform a plain Jane T-shirt into a complete original. By the way, Generation T has obviously not paid me for recommending their book. Why would they? I have no followers (very first blog and all).

I am learning how to use blogger as I go, so I will update this tonight after I pick out a T-shirt and FAB it up.

:-) Barbara

Update: Got two great T-shirts (plus one for myself.) Forgot about crucial step of washing things before use, so that stalled the project the other night. Then I got totally overwhelmed by everything going on in our life, and have currently put off the project to next week. Which I have off, so I am hoping to have some fun!

PS. I finally finished (two weeks later). You can see the finished product here!

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