Thursday, December 23

Sidetracked...A.K.A. Thank goodness for friends!

So I got a little bit sidetracked from my sister's Christmas present. Fortunately, I am always terrible about Christmas presents, so we can just chalk this up as normal for me. And I am going to use the excuse of the move to explain away the late present. But fortunately, the sidetracking has given me some time to come up with some other great ideas for how to re-construct the t-shirt.

In the mean time, this is what has me side-tracked:

Monday, December 20

My Sister's Christmas Present

My sister does roller derby, wears a helmet that has a number of swear words and inappropriate gestures, and in general has a rock star attitude. I, on the other hand, am a total square. No joke, she has called me "square." Which of course makes it difficult this time of year, when I have to come up with some kind of Christmas Present that she will find totally fabulous.
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